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Ombre Brows 1st Touch-up
Ombre Brows 2nd Touch-up
Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
Correction Cover-up Brows 1st Touch-up
Correction Cover-up Brows 2nd Touch-up
Microblading 1st Touch-up
Microblading 2nd Touch-up
Nano Brows 1st Touch-up
Nano Brows 2nd Touch-up
Combo Brows 1st Touch-up
Combo Brows 2nd Touch-up
Color Boost 4-12
Color Boost 13-18
Lip Blush 1st Touch-up
Lip Blush Additional Touch-up
Classic Lashes
Classic Lashes fill
Hybrid Lashes
Hybrid Lashes fill
Wispy Lashes
Wispy Lashes Fill
Volume Lashes
Volume Lashes Fill
Mega Lashes
Mega Lashes Fill
Threading Eyebrows
Threading Upper Lip
Threading Chin
Threading Cheeks
Threading Neck
Threading Full Face
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